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Circulation Pumps





Flow Meters

1" FPT threaded connections top and bottom

2 - 20 GPM

Stainless steel float

Flow Meter Tool

Capable of measuring up to 17 GPM

For use on Non Pressurized Flow Centers

Hose Kit

10' of rubber hose

2 ea 1" hydrant elbows with ports

2 ea 1" straight thread x barb adapters

2 ea PT ports

4 ea hose clamps

Hydrant Elbows



1 1/4"

With and without 1/4" tapped opening

Hydrant Elbow Insulation

Clam shell design

One piece construction for easy installation

Closed cell insulation so it doesn't absorb moisture

Glue, tape or tie wrap together

Save time = Save money

Come in packages of 10

Hydrometer and Graduated Cylinder

Get an accurate measurement of heat transfer fluid concentrations

Specific gravity for light liquids

.650 - 1.000

PT Port

Self sealing test port

1/4" MPT

Fits standard 1/16" and 1/8" test probes

PT Probes and Probe Gaurds

1/8" or 1/16" probes

1/4" threaded connection

Stainless steel probe guard protects needle

PT Test Kit

Professional test kits

Digital test kits

Dial test kits

Econo test kits

Pressure Gauge

Liquid or air filled

2" dial face

0 - 100 PSI

1/4" connection

Bottom or back mount available

Solenoid Valve

24 Volt

Ranges from 5 - 25 GPM

Ranges from 10 - 150 PSI

Temperature Probes

Digital or dial

Stainless steel stem

Fits easily into shirt pocket